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A lot of components come together to create a marvel and this is what engineering is all about. An experienced and skilled engineer can help you set the up most advanced and safe electrical and mechanical configurations that boost  functionality & safety of a building to top notch. At EPro, we are a team of such  brilliant engineers who are dedicated to develop the most advanced Mechanical  and Electrical designs that serve to the clients requirements. We offer you the best Professional engineering services for all your projects.

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We work with our clients to provide innovative engineering solutions

Why EPro?

EPro, within a short span of time, has proved its competency in the field of design engineering and today is the best Professional engineering services provider. By delivering excellent results, accurately fitting to the client’s requirement, our Professional engineering consultants have catered to the Professional consulting requirements of various industries, real estate development companies, as well as standalone customers. Choosing EPro as your professional engineering services provider will bring you one step closer to having architectural structures with advanced systems and better safety solutions for the residents and occupants.

Advance Tech

Technology changes with the blink of an eye. At EPro, our team of Professional engineering consultants keeps a watchful eye over the evolving technological trends and incorporate it in our solutions. Bringing better connected, automated and efficient solutions at the table is the goal we follow while designing futuristic and technologically abreast designs for our clients. We also understand that technology can have its own complications for some people. Hence, our Professional consultants ensure that our solutions are progressive but in a way that they are easily accessible and beneficial for one and all, irrespective of their technical quotient.


From multi-building town homes, commercial office spaces to shopping complexes, industrial setups to residential spaces with incorporated retail space, our Professional engineering consultants have catered to the requirements of a diverse range of clients. Being a professional team with experience of handling assorted client’s requirements, we have always offered solutions at par with customer’s expectations. With each project that we have handled, we put in our best potential while learning, further improving our skills for the future undertakings.

Harmonized Integration

Whether you are looking for mechanical, plumbing and electrical designs for a new property or renovating an old one as per the modern requirements, we offer easy to integrate design solutions & professional engineering services in Abbottsford. Providing value to the client has always been our core objective. While our Professional engineering consultants in Abbottsford ensure that our solutions are modern and in sync with the latest tech, we also ensure that the complexity is not too intense for the client to handle.

Comprehensive One-stop MEP Design solution:

We have developed a team of seasoned engineers from different verticals to ensure we are recognized as a one stop shop for all MEP Design needs. Our Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design team have industry specialists as the core members, putting their expertise and knowledge to the best use. Offering comprehensive MEP design services & other professional engineering services in Abbotsford through our portal, we save you time, efforts and other resources. You can trust us for your existing and future projects and experience yourself what makes us better from the crowd.

Sustainability & Eco-friendly solution

The biggest challenge that mankind is facing at present is conservation of natural resources. While the consumer demand and preferences are changing every other day, we face this challenge to bring forth professional engineering services in Abbotsford and solution that cater to the ever-changing client preferences as well as allow us to sustain the resources. Thanks to the innovation and transformation skills of our Professional engineering consultants in Abbottsford, we are capable of building sustainable MEP design models that ensure we live in the future as luxuriously and at ease as we are living today.

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