Team EPro Is Attentive Towards Delivering Sustainable And Reliable MEP Solutions.

Holding expertise in MEP Design and consulting for new constructions and existing buildings, we create innovative and futuristic Mechanical and electrical engineering solutions while fixating our eyes on environmental sustainability. Specializing in Mechanical and Electrical design services, our proficient team ensures results that stand second to none in terms of reliability, performance, value, user-friendliness and tenability. Our Mechanical and electrical engineering Abbotsford service portfolio comprises but isn’t limited to:


Understanding the client priorities, we focus on delivering creative Mechanical and electrical engineering solutions. Offering Mechanical system design solutions that enable our clients to minimize the operating cost and ensure minimum environmental impact is our USP. From incorporating breakthrough innovation to making small but critical design changes, we ensure that our solutions bring long-term benefits to our clients. From providing high-end thermal comfort to warranting safe indoor air quality, we offer comfort, safety and reliability in our solutions. We keep ourselves informed about marketplace and current changes in order to provide the best available solutions.

Our Mechanical and electrical engineering expertise includes the following but is not limited to:

  • Mechanical system design Abbotsford
  • HVAC System designs
  • Plumbing systems design
  • Industrial Design
  • Commercial kitchen design
  • Specialized ventilation systems design (clean room environment)
  • Heat recovery and free cooling strategies
  • Detailed grow facility design
  • Site Services (Site plan, connections, grading etc.)
  • Sprinkler and fire protection systems design
  • Services (Sump sizing for residential and commercial projects, water main service size calculations and letters for residential and commercial)
  • Energy Modelling (Mechanical system design/ energy modelling service for commercial and residential projects)


Electrical system efficiency can never be compromised and we, at EPro, recognize it to the core. The diversity of Electrical systems, which when integrated efficiently, delivers comforting and cost-saving solutions to the clients. From high voltage power to low voltage lighting control and emergency generators to fire alarm systems, we specialize in working on each critical system, ensuring competent and futuristic building infrastructures. Our electrical team continuously improves its skills, evolving and expanding their knowledge about current solutions in order provide the best value for our clients. Keeping in mind the client’s preferences, budget and available AdvanceTech, we reach to an outcome that is superlative. We design, specify and review building electrical systems and vet each solution for its steadfastness, before we implement it on your building infrastructures.

Our extensive Electrical Engineering expertise comprises but is not limited to:

  • Power distribution system design
  • Lighting and emergency lighting design
  • Fire alarm system design, verification and security
  • Life safety systems design
  • Data and communication systems design
  • Code analysis
  • Nurse call systems design
  • Security systems design
  • Site services (are you talking about temporary power)
  • Services (power upgrade applications)

Our distinctive qualities:

We haven’t become one of the entrusted MEP Design Company in one day but have earned the status by continuously providing advanced solutions. Irrespective of project nature and size, we are capable to offer solutions that lasts for long. The essence of EPro brand can be realized by its trust-worthiness that encourage our clients to return to us in hope of premium Mechanical system design Abbotsford services.


We never took our eyes off the goal of attaining success by integrating futuristic technologies of Mechanical and electrical engineering Abbotsford with sustainable designs. Each member of our team is dedicated to bring forth solutions that are better than what we offered the previous day.


Innovation is the key to advancement and we, being a team of creative professionals, take pride in delivering AdvanceTech solutions. Experimenting with the new Mechanical system design solutions, we create reliable systems that enhance the integrity of building infrastructure.


We are quick to learn and adapt new practices, uncover latest techniques and maintain pace with any new breakthrough technology. Closely observing the market trends and change in customer preferences, we adapt our Mechanical system design Abbotsford to offer premium customer satisfaction.


Understanding the customer’s requirements and aligning their ideas with the modern tech, we deliver customized solutions. Our fit to need design solutions meritoriously cater to the requirements of comfort, functionality and sustainability in building infrastructure.


Budget is a key factor to consider while developing any MEP design solutions. Respecting your financial planning, we ensure that we create most advanced solutions that cater to your requirements while limiting your financial spending.

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