Ventilation System Design

Making your property energy efficient is one of our core priorities. At Epro Consultants, we do not undertake a ventilation project as “Stand Alone” but consider it as a part of a more intense aspect of creating an energy efficient environment that promotes your environment friendly concerns. The accuracy and technicality of our Ventilation System Design Abbotsford ensures that your property has as compact carbon footprint as possible and that you contribute towards maintaining a sustainable environment.

Proper Ventilation design is essential for a clean, healthy, highly functional and valuable building and we are here to ensure your properties have the best ventilation system in place.

Expert ventilation design to suit your needs:
EPro Consultants is expert in handling customer’s ventilation design requirements. Whether you want to specify a ventilation system from a single extract fan, or a complete house extraction, we are well equipped and experienced in handling your Ventilation System Design Abbotsford requirements. We are also available to undertake ventilation with the Heat Recovery system and welcome your drawings for our experts to evaluate and advise the best and most efficient way to get a Ventilation design as per your requirements. We combine our technical know-how and access to the latest software together to create solutions that are scalable, futuristic and bespoke to your requirements. We use the latest design software and ensure that your plans meet the latest regulations.

A ventilation or central vacuum system installation is a critical project and when you undertake one, you want the system to work at par with your expectations. Whether you are fixing it up on your own or engaging the professionals, getting your ventilation system designed by an expert company like EPro is of utmost important. We have a strong team of professionally trained CAD technicians, who dedicatedly work on your requirements, ensuring that you get the best Ventilation design from your investment in a ventilation system project.

A range of services under one roof:
We take pride in being the one source solution for your MEP requirements. We specialize in Kitchen ventilation design services but also offer top notch assistance for:

  • Heat recovery systems
  • Demand controlled ventilation
  • Extraction systems
  • Positive ventilation
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Small commercial systems

EPro has a rich experience of designing for newly built buildings as well as refurbishment projects. We are readily available to undertake all types of projects including Residential homes, Offices and small commercial applications.

EPro Consultants Ventilation design process:
We ensure that our Kitchen ventilation design process is very easy to realize and enable our clients to go through with all the requirements with great ease. The steps we follow include:

  • Plan review.
  • Project discussion with owner.
  • Project budget review.
  • Reviewing requirements of specialized systems and integrating them with ventilation system.
  • Multiple system review with owner.
  • We present the plan to you along with a list of required material for the project.
  • After approval, we start working on your ventilation design and deliver the best results.

Why are Epro consultants the best for Ventilation System Design?
Epro Consultants have always been a preferred choice for ventilation system design services in BC and Alberta. We aim to provide the most futuristic and scalable solutions to our clients at an affordable price. Ventilation systems are the single major cost mechanical system in a building during construction and operation. We have unique combination of expert knowledge in ventilation system design and energy efficiency which allows us to handle the two aspects for cost effective designs:

We are reliable:
We employ our best CAD technicians in developing modern Ventilation System Design Abbottsford and all this while we ensure that the plans we create are relevant with the Industry standards and compliance matters. We also guarantee consistent performance with all your systems.

We help you save money:
Epro Consultants is known as an affordable MEP service provider in the region. We create energy –efficient and low maintenance plans which fits in your budget and allow you to get full benefit of ventilation system.

We deliver durable results:
All our designs are created ethically and thoughtfully to ensure long-lasting results. The designs we made are very sturdy and strategic enough to handle adverse conditions pretty well and save you from costly overhauls.

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