Protect your asset from fire

Whether you are a residential unit or a commercial property owner, protecting your assets from fire is imperative. At EPro Consultants, we design effective sprinkler system designs that help you in your endeavor. Fire safety is a crucial aspect that should not be taken lightly at any time. When there is a fire, lives and assets are at stake and we understand the risks involved. Considering the building codes and the nature of the property, we design solutions that are top-notch and bespoke to the client’s requirements. Our outstanding designs, once implemented, assure the occupants of the building of high-end property protection against fire. Be a responsible property owner and connect with us to design and develop the best fire safety sprinkler design system for the safety of your properties and its occupants.

Advanced sprinkler design services:
At EPro Consultants, we utilize advanced engineering solutions and tools to create the best sprinkler designs. Being the best sprinkler engineer, we have worked on the requirements of several property owners and delivered results that are quick to act on any type of fire accident. Our fire sprinkler design are:

As soon as the first sign of smoke is detected, the fire sprinkler design system starts working and acting upon the fire. This ensures no gap between the accident and the arrival of the professional help, eliminating the chances of damage.

EPro Consultant’s Sprinkle system takes care of the protection of your property, assets and occupants without you being worried, It covers the safety requirements of all aspects without you having to decide what you need to save first- people or assets.

We pay emphasis on raid turn-around time and ensure that our sprinklers deliver what they are meant for without any time loss. Easy to use and maintain, these sprinkler systems will be your savior for a long time after installation.

Professional and time served Sprinkler Engineers
Our expertise in designing sprinkler systems makes us the most trusted fire sprinkler system design engineers in the region. We are capable of developing most advanced sprinkler systems for all types of properties and facilities. As we work on your sprinkler design requirements, we ensure that we adhere to the relevant building code and industry code requirements.

Our fire sprinkler design system services cover:

  • Water Testing & Pipe Investigation
  • Service & Inspection
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Engineering & Design
  • Building Retrofit
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Alarm, Detection & Monitoring

Automatic fire sprinklers:
If you want top notch fire prevention and protection measures at your facilities, trusting automatic fire sprinklers systems is the best. These systems work on the first sign of the smoke and eliminate fire before it spreads and damages your valuables. This saves you from major accidents as fire is one of the biggest catastrophes to experience.

Moreover, automatic fire sprinkler systems also make your building more eligible for insurance ensuring lower premiums with great coverage. However, the efficacy of the sprinkler system depends on its design and with EPro Consultants taking care of it, you need not to worry about that aspect. Our sprinkler fire system has passed the test of time and has saved many properties from potential fire damage.

Choose the best option:
There are different types of pipe system sprinkler designs available at EPro Consultants for you to choose from.  The choices include:

  • Wet Pipe System
  • Dry Pipe System
  • Pre-Action System
  • Deluge System

Why choose EPro Consultants?
EPro Consultants specialize in creating modern and efficient sprinkler systems that meet the property safety requirements to the core. We offer a range of services including sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, electrical engineering services, mechanical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, and more and hence are a one-stop solution for your requirements. Affordable and time-tested, our services are worthy of your trust and partnership.

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