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Engineering IS the core of a building project. A building comes to life with the right MEP engineering services Abbotsford. For a building to have a safe, comfortable, and environment-friendly operation it is important for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering to be of high-quality and reliable enough to boost the efficacy and functionality of a building structure. At EPro Consultants, we are your Engineering and Design specialists that guide you the best in every phase of building designing and engineering. We advise you right from the initial concept through the design and finally construction. We are one common factor in the successful building construction projects in Abbotsford, Surrey, Alberta, and BC.

MEP engineering services Abbotsford:
At EPro Consultants, we provide you with a point solution for your MEP services requirements. Our MEP consultation services include MEP Design Services, Drawing, Drafting, Modeling, and advanced analysis, and much more. We rely on advanced technology only and integrate the latest and most trusted concepts and theories in creating more economical and sustainable MEP designs.

Our Energy Modeling ability allows us to offer energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to our clients. We can be your core partner in a range of building design and engineering services including building energy rating inspections (energy audits)  as well as LEED audit and certification  (building energy rating certification). Years of experience and dedication to create more innovative and credible MEP engineering services Abbotsford makes us the most reliable MEP engineering services provider in Abbotsford and the most trusted MEP consultants in Abbotsford.

Most credible MEP consultants in Abbotsford:
IIn a very short span of time, we have managed to reach the top of the MEP service industry in Abbotsford and today are rated as the most credible MEP consultants in Abbotsford. We provide MEP consultation to contractors and builders within the residential and commercial building industry. We work in close collaboration with you, understanding your requirements and expectations from a project and accordingly design and develop sustainable solutions. Our aim is to combine environmental sustainability with high functionality. The capabilities of our MEP consultants in Abbotsford in handling MEP services, customer requirements, and integrating the latest MEP solutions and tech with the designs makes us the one point solution for your building design and engineering requirements as well as MEP consulting.

Our core MEP consultation services:

  • MEP Consulting Engineers


  • Mechanical 2D/ 3D/ 4D Drafting
  • Mechanical 2D/ 3D/ 4D  Design
  • Mechanical 2D/ 3D/ 4D Modeling
  • Mechanical AutoCAD & Revit Services
  • Mechanical Engineering Services


  • Electrical CAD drawings
  • Electrical Design Services
  • Electrical Engineering Services
  • Electrical Site Plans Layout


  • Plumbing CAD & Revit Drawings and models
  • Plumbing Piping 3D drafting Services
  • Plumbing Piping Clash Detection Drawing
  • Plumbing Piping Cost Estimation
  • Plumbing Piping Engineering Services
  • Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings Services

We deliver excellence and quality:
EPro provides MEP consultation services to building service designers and consultants. We manage a LEED-accredited team of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design engineers who are experienced in handling design requirements of property owners from across Canada and beyond. We have earned the status of the most trusted MEP consultants in Abbotsford by delivering excellent and high-quality design solutions to residential and commercial property owners.

We keep client requirements at the core of our design and development process, ensuring that the design and concept are aligned with the latest MEP tech and emerging programming skills.

We are top-rated MEP engineering services providers in Abbotsford offering you the most advanced MEP solutions & MEP consulting that not only cater to your existing requirements but offer you scalability and futuristic solutions. We promote affordability and sustainability in all the design and development aspects.

Connect for MEP consultation services in Abbotsford& Calgary, Alberta:
EPro Consultants provide comprehensive design support, MEP consulting & MEP engineering services Abbotsford for all stages of the design process. be remain your partner in every aspect of building design, right from concept to schematic, design development to tender, and various construction stages. All this while, we maintain quality and affordability. Connect with us to discuss MEP services in detail and offer you cost-effective solutions.

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